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What is the value of G?

What is Nothing?

Astronomers pierce galactic clouds to shine light on black hole development

Study finds 'lumpy' universe cannot explain cosmic acceleration

Researchers use new method to calculate gravitational constant

Dark energy hides behind phantom fields

New method for studying the interaction between light and matter

Physicists find doubly transient chaos can emerge due to dissipation

World's largest particle detector IceCube detects first high-energy neutrinos from the cosmos

Beyond the Higgs boson: Five reasons physics is still interesting

Seeing the dark: New experiment could finally shed light on the mysteries of dark matter

Scientists Higgs, Englert given Spanish awards


¡¡ Photon Is the Ultimate Elementary Particle of Matter (htm  pdf  word)

Physicists have been searched for elementary particle of matter. But what is elementary? People find it hard to answer this question. From china ancient books--The Book of Changes, we know that Taiji produces two Yi. Two Yi produce four quadrant, four quadrant produce eight diagrams. Eight diagrams produce all the things in the universe. Grand means endless. But the taiji is the great void, isn¡¯t it that ZERO matter? We know that photon¡¯s rest mass is zero. If the ZERO matter is photon, isn¡¯t it that photon is ¡°the ultimate elementary particle of matter¡±? We know that infinitesimal limit is zero. If so, isn¡¯t it that ultimate elementary particle of matter is photon?

¡¡ The Standard Model(brief)

Unsolved Mysteries

Particle Decays and Annihilations

The Second Superstring Revolution


What is Fundamental?

The Second Superstring Revolution

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A Primer on Instantons in QCD.pdf


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Finite Temperature Field Theory.pdf

An Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry.pdf

Quantum effects in one-photon and two-photon interference.pdf

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Relativity The Special and General Theory -by Albert Einstein.pdf

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Concepts In Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos.pdf¡¡



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